Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday- November -14

Be vigilant at all times
and pray that you have the strength to stand before the Son of Man.- Luke 21-26

Salvation is unpredictable even for the best of the Saints so the Salvation must be lived in fear and trembling at every moment of our life. The Plan of Salvation is a call to Holiness so when we say no to SIN at every moment of our life we are in the Salvation Plan. If we are in SIN then we are out of the Kingdom of God . The Book of Life has full record of our life ,and the good and Evil Angels represent our case before the Lord on the last day. God will not accuse us but the Evil Angel will bring all the accusations to claim our soul, it is very scary to be lost to the Evil Kingdom or Hell . Prayer and Vigil are the two instruments of God which keep us in the Presence of God. When we are in the presence of God’s Grace we get Wisdom and Strength to resist SIN and the Evil one.

I recommend for all those who fall in to temptation repeatedly or can not resist the Temptations and fall in to SIN to make a Schedule of Seven times Prayer. If we pray for every three Hours for the Strength and Grace specially to resist Sin and live in Holiness we may not fall in to Sin. A simple Prayer of Our Father , Hail Mary and a Spontaneous Prayer to fill us with his grace and love is enough each time but if we get more time it is better to sit before the Lord in Personal Prayer and Family Prayer and ask for grace and Strength.

In today’s World we need to be Vigilant at all times , Watch and Pray must be the Slogan of our every day Spiritual life. Salvation is not guaranteed for those who SIN again and again although they have experienced the Lord’s Salvation. Judas Iscariot had experienced the Lord’s Salvation but he did not live that Salvation by forgiveness and humility but chose the other way in remorse, disappointment and guilt. The Confession of our Sins is the Bonus for our Salvation , Lord has given us en number of ways to get rid of the sting of the SIN. The Holy Spirit is the permanent guarantee of our Salvation and we receive the love of God in Seven Sacraments which are the channels of grace. The works of Mercy and Charity are the clear sign of our membership in the Kingdom of God. A person who avoids Sin always engages in the Works of God and tries to build the Kingdom of love on this Earth. A Sinner can not do any acts of Charity , if at all they do charity , it will be only to receive self Glory.

Let us Work on our Salvation through Prayer, Sacraments and Good Works and build the Kingdom of Love on this Earth.

Prayer : Maranatha… Come Lord Jesus Come…

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