The Word of God can be understood only through the senses of the Spirit.

3rd Sunday in Ordinary TimeJanuary 23, 2022

Nehemiah 8:2-6, 8-10Ps 19:8-10, 151

Corinthians 12:4-11Luke 1:1-4; 4:14-21
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Your words, Lord, are Spirit and life.

God’s Word is written by simple human beings through the inspiration of the Holy spirit. The writer becomes an instrument in the hand of God or Spirit of God. The intellectual sense of the Writer voided and supernatural power of the Holy spirit takes over the mind of the Writer and God tries to communicate or speak to the Human Beings through a Human writer in a human language with the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. We call these writings as Word of God or Holy Bible. The Word of God is not a human Writing or a Human language but a divine Word of God spoken in Human language. If we try to understand or interpret the Holy Bible in Human language or Worldly way , we misinterpret the Word of God. The Word of God can be understood or interpreted or read correctly only through the inspiration of the Holy spirit.

The values or merits or virtue of the Word of God is Spirit and truth and can not experience in our physical senses like eyes or intellectual but it can be sensed only through the senses of the Spirit like Faith(prayer) Worship, Praise, Fear of God, hope. God’s language is not Human Language so to receive the Word of God we need to be worthy to the Promises. The Worthiness comes through senses of the Spirit. If we understand the Word of God in the light of the Spirit or senses of the Spirit we understand the thoughts of God, we understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, We understand the Promises of God , We understand the plan of God in our life.

When we receive the word of God in faith we transform in the Spirit of God and become like God or Spirit of God. This is called the transformation. The first sign of the transformation is the receiver is transformed with the virtues of the Holy spirit i.e. love,joy, peace, patience., self control, forgiveness and second sign of transformation is the gifts of the Holy spirit like Prophesy, gift of teaching and preaching, gift of healing, gift tongues comes by default or automatically. These Fruits and Gifts are part of the life of God but the plan and mind of God is much greater than the gifts and fruits of the Spirit which reveal us the mysteries and plan of God in our life.

We see the Word of God interpreted or understood in a Human or historical context in seminaries and in Bible Colleges but not in Divine context or Spiritual context. When the Word of God understood in Human or Psychological context the Word of God remains only in Human Language or a good literature or a moral story book like any other historical books.Holy Bible can not be summered in to a moral story book but the Word of God need to be sowed and nurtured in once heart and grow in Spirit and life.

I see many newly ordained priests are powerless and timid in their ministry , if they have received 12 to 15 years of formation in the life of the Spirit , the question is has the Word of God routed in their life or a transformation of their life has taken place with signs of the Holy spirit. The routine studies and monastic life in the Seminary becomes a formality and ritual , when these seminarians become priests , they carry the same routine life to the Parish Community. This is the reason not much Spiritual transformations happening in the Parishes.

I see Laity are more interactive in Spirit to receive the Word of God and nurture the goodness in their life of Faith and Worship. There is a awakening in the Church which was inspired by the Holy spirit in Vatican 2 where Laity were positioned hierarchically on top or at the receiving end of the God’s ways in the Church but no documents of the Vatican 2 have been implemented in the Parish Communities in action. Holy spirit has his own course of action and fulfills the plan in his own way. Pope Francis has dedicated this year to the Lay Catechists and Lecterns who are the first teachers and pro claimers of the Word of God to their Children and the Parish community.

The Clergy in the Church are slowly realizing the secrets to receive the Word of God not physically or psychologically but in Spirit and truth from the Lay ministries and started implementing in the Seminaries and Parish Communities. These actions have to increase more and more in the life of Clergy and in the life of Church. The whole church has been built in the love of God and the word of God reveals the love of God to the Whole World , if we can not receive the Gospel in worthy manner we can not nurture or grow in the love and life of God in this World.

People have wrong conception that the Word of God has to be shouted in a Speech or advertised to attract people, these are Worldly ways to sell Worldly products or ideologies in Worldly ways. The Word of God has to be accepted in our life in worthy manner by repentance, faith and Worship. God’s gifts and fruits automatically pour out to the Whole World by signs and Wonders. I do not think early Christian saints and Marty res did all these things but Christianity was at its peak in the in their time. Let us stop running from one Retreat Center to another or one preacher to the another but let us sit before the Lord in Praying the Word of God in faith and Worship and the Lord will reveal his love to us and let us sit before him till it overflows to our family , friends and to the Whole World.

Prayer : Come Holy spirit and enlighten our mind to receive the love of God . Amen.

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