Today’s Readings:

Isaiah 62:1-5
Ps 96:1-3, 7-10
1 Corinthians 12:4-11
John 2:1-11
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Mary mother of Jesus introduces Christ to the World at the Wedding Feast at Cana. If we reflect this story , we see Jesus was prompted by Mary to reach out to the Family who had run out of resources at a very important family occasion the Wedding. We see a divine and human relationship between Mary and Jesus. At Mary’s intercession for a divine intervention , Jesus figures her as Human or Woman. But as a Son of a Mother obeys her in human obedience. Church recognises Mother Mary as Mother of God. Other Christian denomonations do not recognise Mother Mary as Mother of God but only a Biological Mother of Jesus. The Salvation was achieved by Jesus not through the Divinity but in Human Obedience. All Jesus activities were acheived in Human power but without SIN. Jesus was glorified only after his ascention and received his original position in the Holy Trinity and Jesus was glorified in Human Body.

Mother Mary plays a very important role in the Salvation Plan. Mary obeys God by her Yes and takes care of Jesus for 33 years by passing on the love of God and prepares him to the proclamation of the Kingdom of God.Jesus was underground and not in public for 33 years .At the Wedding at Cana , she says to her Son through her request that it is time for the proclamation of the Gospel. Mary gives a little push to Jesus to reveal his divine nature. In this context Jesus was a Novice but Mary says it is time of Vindication. Mary tells Jesus , it is time to acheive Salvation.

Jesus infact was waiting for a sign from Mary and he gets that Sign from Mary and begins his Proclamation of the Kingdom of God. Mother Mary is an integral part of Jesus so where there is Mary, there is Jesus and in Jesus there is Mary.

The New Wine represents the abundant or eternal life in Jesus. If we trust Jesus and invite him in our life as freind and guest and dine with him in freindship , he will transform our life with abundant gifts of the Holyspirit. Holyspirit is the New Wine.When a person drinks the Wine , the spirit enhances and brings merry and cheers to the Crowd ( Not being drunk ) When a person drinks the Holyspirit , he manifests with various gifts and fruites of the Holyspirit which works for Salvation.If we reflect on the New Wine, Jesus is the giver of New Wine and turns the old Wine of the Law and it’s traditions. By making people to drink the New Wine, Jesus proclaims the New Law the Gospel.

Family & Wedding plays a very important role in this story because the nature of God is family life. Jesus is the divine bridegroom of every heart , God lives among family of people. Holy Trinity is a Divine Family , Father , Son and Holyspirit share the love with each other.The sharing of love is primary goal of Jesus and he shares his love by performing the miracle in a Family.

If we take this story as an example in our family life and make Jesus our guest, freind, Bridegroom, we never run short of the love of God in our family life. Mother Mary becomes the host to introduce Jesus in our family.Rosary is the perfect devotion to reflect the Luminious second mystery and invite Jesus and Mary in our family life.