Thursday of the 2nd Week of Ordinary Time
January 18, 2018

Today’s Readings:

1 Samuel 18:6-9; 19:1-7
Ps 56:2-3, 9-13 (with 5b)
Mark 3:7-12
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

In God I trust; I shall not fear..(Psalm:56-11)

Today’s readings remind us in the responsorial Psalms that We must put our trust in God alone. David became a Champion after killing Goliath but must be expecting the great reward from Saul. A reward to become a part of Kings family and  a share in his Kingdom but God brings him back to his senses, to his old life before he killed Goliath  and reminds him that Victory over Goliath was not through his own ability and strength but through God’s Wisdom and Power. David must have given priority to Saul the King more than God and expected things from him.  

Most of us pray to God for various kind of things like promotions, prosperity, financial support, healing, deliverance, peace so on and God answers all our prayers but after all our answers are answered we forget to give the credit to God but the Credit either goes to one of our Bosses or ourselves or on the gifts  who or which  became the instrument to give us the promotion or Job or Visa or money or healing and we make that instrument as an idol or God of our life. When we worship these idols , these very idols turn against us like Saul was jealous on David. David suffered great extent for years fleeing from Saul due to the clinging to the rejected King Saul. If we see later David built his own Kingdom by the Power and Wisdom of God but Saul’s Kingdom and his family was totally killed by the enemy.

Many a time we fail to understand the will of God and the instruments of God. This includes the famous Preachers or Pastors or Priests or people who helped us or things what we possess or all our achievements. God answers us and gives us success so that we may establish his Kingdom of love and Justice in this World. Jesus came in to this World to establish this Kingdom and destroyed death and brought life through light of the Gospel. We see in the Gospel people from distance land came to hear the Gospel so that they may understand the truth of life and out of all their physical suffering. The Worldly healings, Blessings, Prosperity and miracles are the invitation or samples to taste the Kingdom of God, but they are not the Ultimate but temporary and they can not save us from death, but the source of these very miracles and the Gospel the Word of God are the Spirit and life. God’s portion of Spirit is not in the instruments or the gifts we receive but only in the Source of the Gospel which we received from Jesus and from the Bible.

Sometimes we lose one by one all possessed things in our life and these kind of people think why it is happening to them. God loves them very much and throws out that idols of Bombs away from them before it explodes and kills their soul.

Today let us ponder our life, if there is anything we are holding on to as our own or thought that we have achieved by ourselves or through our own ability or trusted the Worldly People and Worldly Kingdoms. Let us offer everything un to God and acknowledge him as the only source of all our blessing and make him the instrument of all Blessings. Let us use these blessings to build a small Kingdom of God in our life. It may be a family of God or Community of God or an organisation of Love and Justice. If we use our blessings for selfishness of greed and possessions and put our trust on the Worldly powers which has been rejected by God when the Sin entered in to this World like sin entered in to Soul and God rejected him and his Kingdom and anointed a Shepherd Boy David to build the Kingdom of love and justice.

We see many Kingdoms, economies, organisations are rejected by God and if we put our heart on these things, these very things can turn against us and like David we may come go through great suffering in our life till we recognise God and establish his kingdom in our lives. David was successful in doing this but how many of us realise this and successful or die by clinging to the Worldly Bombs of life. It is never late the Word of God says today if you hear the Word of God, harden not your hearts like people at Moriba and killed but change your hearts and listen to the Gospel of love and forgiveness, Gospel of Spirit and life which opens the Kingdom of God on this Earth.