Daily Prayer Reflections Christians are called as first born & lead other people to build the Kingdom of God on this Earth.



July 8 Saturday



Today’s Readings teach us the importance of our calling as Christians or any other responsibilities entrusted to us in our life. In the first reading, we see Esau’s Blessings were stolen in disguise by his younger brother Jacob. Is this blessing legitimate or blessed? The answer is the later story of Jacob the Israel the chosen people of God.  God is not partial but turns evil in too good to accomplish his purpose. As per the Jewish traditions the first Born is the leader to lead the family line by his Wisdom and guidance. This Wisdom normally comes from the Blessing or anointing of God passed on by their Father. This is the greatest responsibility and Esau sells his right to his younger brother for a meal. If we take this in a worldly  perspective it looks silly but for God’s perspective , this action was negligence or irresponsibility or Worldliness. God elects some people for a specific purpose and these people reject the spirit or do not follow their Vocation , the responsibility is passed on the next able person who is more able and responsible. The Spirit of God is active and given for a purpose but  when we take this Spirit for granted the spirit moves to next person because the Holy spirit  constantly at Work to build the kingdom of God. If someone does not cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit grieves and moves on.

In the second reading Jesus says not to pour the New Wine in Old Wine Skins , if we forcefully do it , it will Burst and the wine is wasted. God’s spirit is decent and holy and cannot live in old habits but looking for renewed mind and obedient hearts.  This is the reason Esau was not ready to receive the Spirit of God in his neglected and Worldly heart. If we see Esau’s life he makes wrong decisions like he chooses a Wife of Pagans by defiling the his ancestral passed on traditions. God did not defile his spirit and chooses Jacob using Evil as an instrument to pass the Spirit of God. This shows that God even uses Evil turn out for our good and has power to turn every Evil action in to our good.

All Christians or all responsible people are called to possess the Spirit of God to carry on his spirit to build the Kingdom of God the Church. If we neglect our talents, gifts, and responsibility for the worldly values we will lose the Spirit of God or the responsibility of our Christian Vocation will be taken away from us and given to more able people. We cannot have both worldly and Divine value together and if we try to do the same, our life will burst open and our life become miserable and our hypocrisy will be revealed and live in disgrace and die like Esau in the Wilderness.

Today let us recognise our responsibility of life and receive this responsibility from the hands of God and Lord Will Bless us with the Blessings of Jacob.


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