Believing the Gospel is repenting for our sins and living the message of love.


Thursday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time
October 5, 2017

Today’s Readings:

Nehemiah 8:1-12
Ps 19:8-11
Luke 10:1-12
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

The Kingdom of God is at hand;
repent and believe in the Gospel.

We see in both the readings the good news of the Gospel of Salvation is preached to the people.  What is this good news of the Gospel?  We call ourselves Christians and go through the process of all Sacraments and follow all rituals and obligations of the Church. By doing this do we follow the gospel of Christ.  Yes, the Sacraments, rituals, Obligations, traditions of the Church are actions of the Holy Spirit and the activity of the Gospel. When we follow the Church teaching we follow the Gospel of Christ.  In the time of Jesus, the Jews also followed the Law and the Sacraments but the action of the Holy Spirit were not seen in their life, because the Word of God and Law was lived as per Worldly standard and Worldly Interpretation of the Law was lived as per their own Conveniences. Jesus came and gave them new Commandment of love and forgiveness.

If we see in our lives, we also can see similar kind of practises in our time. We live a Christian life eating and drinking, buying and selling, building and rebuilding but everything we do in the name of our God.  But are we living the Gospel of Christ in our lives. The people in the first reading listened to the word of God and repented for their Sins and changed their ways of life and lived as per God’s Word.  In the Gospel reading Jesus sends 72 disciples to prepare the People to receive the Word of God.  Jesus knew there will be Sheep’s and Wolfes in Sheep’s Clothing and he knew the Sheep will listen to his Voice of the Gospel and repent and wait to receive Jesus in their life but the Wolfes in Sheep clothing justify their self-righteous behaviour and say we do not need to repent because if they repent their real Wolf Evil nature will be exposed and they will be ashamed and embarrassed in the Society. These people Jesus says to wipe out the dust of the feet as a testimony of delivering the Word of God and giving them a chance for repentance so that when they will be asking Jesus after death When did you come to us Lord and Jesus will show the dust of his feet as testimony of preaching the Word of God to each human in this World.

To reach out to each human of this World, Jesus requires a group of people as Disciples to send them in pairs to proclaim the Good news of repentance and heal the sick and drive the demons and establish the Kingdom of God on this Earth. The Church or Every baptised person has been given the duty to work in the Kingdom. A pair of Husband & Wife to preach the kingdom in their family. A pair of Neighbours to proclaim in the Neighbourhood. A pair of youth to reach out the Worldly youth of today, a pair of Managers to reach out to their team. It does not matter, if your recipients receive your message or not but you have done your duty, rest God will judge them on the last day.  The kingdom of God is in fact is at hand and we are called to repent every day of our life and we are going to live the Gospel. Believing the Gospel is repenting for our Sins and living the Gospel in every moment of our life till the last breath of our life.



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