Waiting upon Lord’s Wisdom and truth.

Saturday December 7, 2019
Isaiah 30:19-21, 23-26
Psalm 147:1-6
Matthew 9:35–10:1, 5-8

Blessed are all who wait for the Lord.

Jehovah Shamah..You are always there for me. God is always there with us to protect us , lead us, heal us, cleanse us, give us peace and to make us righteous. In today’s readings God assures us to wait upon him for his justice and truth.

There are cirmumstances in our life in which we feel there is no one for us or nothing is working with us or no solution to our problem .In all circumstances we must surrender the situation in to the hands of the Lord and wait on him for the solution. We must let go off the circumastance from our heart , mind and body and wait on the Lord for his grace and mercy. In the Worldly point of view it is stupidity but God’s point of view it is prudency and Wisdom.

In most of the circumstances of our life we can not figure out the complete truth but only a partial truth and a partial truth is a lie by itself, so it is better not to focus on the circumstances which are not in our understanding but require a better understanding or a complete truth.

For Example if we are lost in the Sea and looking for a shore and from far we may figure out a figure of a tree and assume that shore is near but as we come closer to that figure the truth becomes more clearer , the figure of tree may turn out in to a ice pillar so on. We can not assume things as per our mind and jump in to a conclusion but wait for the complete truth. This is the reason many theories of Philosophers and Scientists have failed because everytime there is a new research happening and old theories proven wrong or in Error.

If we wait upon the Lord for revelation of the complete truth , Lord reveals the truth through Word of God, through God’s people, through Creation and through many Godly circumstances in our life. We must be very alert and watchful in anticipationon waiting on the Lord The requirement is completely come out of the reality for which we are waiting upon the Lord. The reality blinds us or blocks our vision to see beyond the cirmstances. If we have this art of listening and walking with the Lord, Lord guides us at every step of our life.

God want more people who wait upon him in every situation of their life. These people he sends forth on a mission to do God’s work on this Earth. It may look very foolish for some people who are talented or well educated leaving their family freinds and working for the upliftment of the poor and destitute. Jesus himself left his family and with desciples went on preaching the goodnews of the Kingdom of God from village to village. If we see and live things of the Kingdom of God in all our life circumstances we are in his Kingdom on this Earth. When we see the things of Heaven, the Worldly matters and material becomes meaningless and we focus on heavenly things and serve him and his Kingdom on this Earth.

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