Emmaus Encounter is an Eucharist Encounter in our routine life.

Wednesday in the Octave of Easter
April 15, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 3:1-10
Ps 105:1-4, 6-9
Luke 24:13-35
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Were not our hearts burning within us
while he spoke to us on the way and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Emmaus Encounter of Jesus, to two of his disciples is very important incident in the Bible and of Resurrection. The incident happened when Jesus disciples were returning to their Village called Emmaus from Jerusalem, sad and with many questions which did not have answers. They were angry on the high Priests for Jesus Crucifixion. They were  anxious and curious on the news of Jesus resurrection. They had a question in their heart , can Jesus be the Messiah who was suppose to come and save them from all oppression. As they were debating and talking on these issues Jesus appears to them but they could not recognize him.

The disappointment becomes appointment with God.  Jesus starts to walk with them side by side in a human way , explaining them and counselling them through Scriptures and prophesies and their hearts started to burn with transformation experience, a  Baptism of the Holy spirit  with fire. When Jesus broke  the bread  with a prayer of Jewish Blessing , they could recognize him . In the Breaking of bread Jesus body unites  in to their bodies and they become his body , the resurrected properties of Jesus body transmit supernaturally through the symbolic bread and they become one with him in his glorious body and could see him. This is Eucharist .

The entire Emmaus  encounter   of today,s Gospel is a Eucharist in movement or Eucharist in the field or Eucharist in the mission. The celebration of Eucharist does not take place not only in our Community places but also in our day today life but the difference is we are not able to recognize Jesus in our daily routines of life. In the Emmaus Encounter there  was a liturgy of Praise & Thanksgiving,  liturgy of testimony,  liturgy of the Word, liturgy of the Communion, liturgy of proclamation. All these liturgies  practically happened in their life.

As we are going through a challenge to visit our Community Centers , let us keep our eyes and ears of faith to receive Jesus in person in our life. Is it not exciting my friends , it has happened to the disciples, Apostles, saints and it will happen to us as well. Jesus may not come in a lightening flash or in our Visions but appear through our least brothers and sisters in our life. As we go through many questions in our minds about the present situation and Jesus resurrection , let us expect him to reveal to us and explain the situation with all the Scripture references and Prophesies and burn our hearts with the Baptism of the Holy spirit and reveal to us personally while we break the bread with our family, friends, least brothers and sisters who need help in this difficult time.

Mother Theresa saw Jesus in every poor or sick she picked from the street of Calcutta and they saw Jesus in her ,a communion of love and service, where the Properties of the love of God transmitted  through her in to them and  from them in to her.

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