Characteristics of a Missionory. By: Ivan Rodrigues – Contemporary Theologian

Thursday of the 10th Week in Ordinary Time

Memorial of Saint Barnabas, Apostle
June 11, 2020

Today’s Readings:Acts 11:21b-26; 12:1-3,

PS 98:1, 2-3AB, 3CD-4, 5-6

MT 10:7-13
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

For Barnabas was a good man, filled with the Holy Spirit and faith.

Barnabas was an associate of Paul and in their missionary work they went together in many missions to spread the Gospel. The works of the Apostles says Barnabas was a good man , filled with the Holy-spirit and faith. If we split this sentence in to three parts i.e. 1. Good Man 2. Filled with the Holy-spirit 3. Full of Faith , we can see the Characteristics of a Missionary.

  1. Good Man : A Pastor or a Priest or a Missionary must be a good and righteous man full of love and Charity. This Character  is most important of all because the charity and love comes from faith and  fruits of the Holy-spirit. The righteous man can be a witness in actions and as  a teacher to teach others to do the same what he witnessed in actions. If we have not reached to this stage of righteousness , it is better not to preach but try to put our lives in order then witness, otherwise we will become a scandal for others because we do not live what we preach.
  2. Filled with the Holy-spirit: A Pastor / Priest or a Missionary  must possess the visible signs of the Holy-spirit particularly the Charisma or the gifts of the Holy-spirit. This is a confirmation for our works that God is with us and working with us in signs and wonders. If we do not posses these gifts then our labor may  become monotonous or it is difficult to say whether we are doing our work for the glory of God. If we do not see the signs we must offer our work to the Lord and ask him to accompany us with his gifts and he confirms our work by saying I am with you. Many people do so called good works of this World but the Lord is missing in their work , we need a confirmation from the Lord always that it is his will by  giving us the signs of his gifts.
  3. Full of Faith: Faith is the beginning of our Missionary Work , without Prayer or trusting in the Word , it will be impossible for us to receive the gifts of the Holy-spirit and cultivate love and be righteous. Faith is humbling ourselves before God and making him the Center and   Lord of our life which is repentance , Salvation and transformation experience.  This transformation leads us to the Father and Father pours out his love  the Holy-spirit in to our hearts , by the grace of the Holy spirit we become righteous and then we must preach or teach the Word to the poor.


The above three steps are basic characteristics of a Missionary , without these Characters  it will be difficult to teach, preach, witness our Lord on this Earth. If we are confident of these three Characters in our life , then it is time to jump in to a ministry to serve the Lord or even full time to serve the Lord, but if we miss even one Character then we must build this missing character in our life then carry on the Marathon Mission journey. I have seen many Preachers and Priests in their impulsiveness start the mission journey but there is no balance in their Wheel and get punctured or get a jerk whenever  the Wheel hits to the Hard ground in that missing  spike or character of their life  Wheel.

Prayer: Lord Jesus fill me with Faith , Holy-spirit  and  righteousness , make me a man of love , and send me to do your will on this Earth ,to spread your Kingdom in Words and Action. Amen.






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