Why we can not see the power of Gods love in our lives?


Thursday of the 16th Week of Ordinary Time
July 23, 2020

Today’s Readings:Jeremiah 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13
Ps 36:6-11
Matthew 13:10-17
USCCB Podcast of the Readings:

Because knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven
has been granted to you, but to them it has not been granted.

In Jesus time Hundred of thousands listened to Jesus in multitudes but very few of them believed his message and started following him or applied his message in their life. To Believe Jesus means to understand the message of love and apply that message of love in our daily life through actions. Many people came to Jesus to hear him , healed , delivered,  but only the Apostles and Disciples stayed back after listening to the message of love to know more of that message so that  they may understand in a deeper level and implement it in their life.This is the real meaning of believing Jesus . On the day of Pentecost only the Disciples received the gift of the Holy-spirit in a miraculous sign of the tongues of fire. There were hundreds of thousands listened to the Word of God but only 70 plus Disciples were filled with the Holy spirit. The message of love is Jesus himself and when we accept this message in our lives and live on that message of love , the Father , Son and Holy spirit descend upon us and lives in us and with us. This is the real meaning of Baptism in our life.

Jesus is same yesterday, today and forever , we hear him in our time through various medias like in Holy Eucharist, Catechism , Retreats, Preaching , So on but do we understand his message of love in deeper level and understand the true meaning and implement in our lives. If we do it then we can say that truly  we believe Jesus in our lives. If we believe Jesus or his message of love , it must pass on to us instantly. It is like connecting to the Electrical mainline and the Current passing on to the entire House. In the acts of the Apostles it happened on the day of Pentecost but in our time the act of Pentecost happens whenever we Believe and act on the message of love. The tongues of fire and all the gifts and fruits of the Holy spirit manifested to everyone who believed Jesus as a sign that the living God lived with them ,and it happens with us every time we believe in his love and act upon it by signs and wonders of God’s love.

Why we can not see the power of Gods love in our lives?  When we read or listen to the message of God or Bible , the message of love is only an imagination or feeling but when we reflect upon this love we enter in to a dialogue with this message of love and this dialogue challenges our lives , and when we accept this challenge by accepting it by acting upon it we enter in to a relationship of love and this is called what true believing in Jesus or listening to the Word of love means. When we just read or listen to the message of love and feel good and never make attempt to study, reflect and apply in our life the message remains in the air as an imaginary Jesus or a superficial Jesus who lives in the ferry tales of the Third  Heaven. Jesus is real and true living  God who lives with us and in us in our daily life like a true friend or love,  not in imagination or superficial spirituality but as a partner or a Spouse of our life. This partnership has to be experienced in a relationship of faith and love.

Charity is the true sign of Gods love in our life. A Charitable or service minded person carries Gods heart in himself. When we believe the message of love of God, the love of God gushes in to our heart in the form of the Holy spirit and transforms our heart in to his heart of love and this loving heart pours out to the Whole World in the form of Service and Charity. When we humble before God and one another, the mysteries of the Kingdom of love are revealed to us and these mysteries are our Vocation or calling or the Be attitudes of Jesus in our life. If we do not live a life of Charity and Be attitudes we are not in the Kingdom of God or we are people who have eyes and ears but but  can not see and hear as Isiah prophesied in his Prophesy in the old testament.

Prayer :

Lord Jesus open my eyes and ears to the message of love Amen.


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